Accept Apple Pay With the New PayAnywhere Credit Card Reader

By Brooke Tajer on
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Apple PayNo matter where you are, you can now accept Apple Pay payments with the new PayAnywhere mobile credit card reader. Launching September in an Apple Store near you, the new reader accepts Apple Pay™, other contactless NFC payments, traditional magnetic stripe credit cards and is EMV-capable.

The new PayAnywhere Mobile reader will launch exclusively next month in Apple retail locations in the United States and online in the Apple Store. The best part? PayAnywhere is offering merchants an unprecedented $5000 free in Apple Pay transactions for the first six months upon account approval.

No matter where you do business, you no longer need to turn Apple Pay customers away - making both your bank account, and your customers, happy.

The PayAnywhere Apple Pay-ready device can be picked up in store or online for $39.95. The PayAnywhere Mobile app is free in the App Store.

For more information on Apple Pay, visit: To learn more about the new PayAnywhere reader, visit

If you’ve already purchased the new reader, visit to sign up for your PayAnywhere account.

To see the new reader in action, check us out on CNBC and TechCrunch.