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Gain profitability and visibility with these four digital marketing tips.

By Ryan Gibbons on
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Being invisible is great if you’re playing hide-and-seek, but there is nothing worse than being unseen if you are a business owner. After all, if customers are unaware of your stellar products and services, they can’t be expected to buy them. If you’re feeling like you are currently advertising into a void, implement the following four tips to heighten awareness about what you have to offer.

Do a content makeover.

Putting out boring, overly complex, or lengthy text is one sure way to glaze over the eyes of potential customers. Inevitably, this will cause them to click away and make their purchases elsewhere.

Remember, many visitors to your site will be using their mobile phones. For that reason, your content must be optimized to fit on a small screen, with images that download quickly. Also, be sure to keep your potential customers’ interest with varied media such as audio, video, and infographics.

Incorporate social media.

These days, social media pages are both numerous and popular, with each one operating slightly differently to meet the needs of its unique audience. Your first task is to examine your customer base to learn which platforms they tend to visit. Then focus on establishing and maintaining a dynamic and engaging presence on each.

Savvy business owners have recognized that social media platforms are some of the most economical and effective ways not only to advertise to customers, but also to interact directly with them. At little or no cost to you other than your time, you can converse with potential buyers, perform product demos, and address buyer questions and concerns. Keep your updates coming regularly to ensure that visitors keep you “top of mind” and come back frequently.

Capture and keep attention with interesting videos.

One of the best ways to attract potential customers is with visual images, which act to immerse viewers into your product demonstration or tutorial. Modern smartphone and camera technology has transformed making these videos into a task that even a child can accomplish with enough practice. Just be sure to encourage customers to “like”, share, or comment on what you are presenting to establish your brand in their memory and spread the word about you to their contacts.

Harness the power of email.

Communicating directly with a customer right from your keyboard to their inbox provides an intensely personalized vehicle that helps to keep you visible, and ultimately encourages sales. Software programs can aid you in this process, creating the personal feel without requiring you to customize each of potentially hundreds of messages.

Emails are also great ways to keep customers in the loop about improvements you are making to your business. Tell them about your enhanced health and safety protocols, your new contactless credit card reader, or your smart payment system. You can even use your individualized sales reports to determine what specific products each customer might like so that you can send them customized coupons. Your options are endless.

These days, competition is fierce, and you need to pull out all the stops if you want to stand out above the rest. Take the time to incorporate these strategies into your business model, and you are sure to see an increase in your online traffic as well as your conversion rate.