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Here are 5 ways your POS system can elevate the customer experience.

By Jereme Sanborn on
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How important is providing a frictionless experience to your customers? Research shows that more than two-thirds of companies in a wide range of industries are competing largely on the basis of the type of customer experience they provide. Why? Now more than ever, the customer experience is foundational to business success. Here’s how to use your point of sale system to improve customer interactions and blow past the competition with a stellar service strategy.

Make transactions faster.

POS systems let customers choose from multiple payment options, including credit cards and mobile wallets, which minimizes transaction times. The option for emailed or printed receipts reduces the time customers spend at the register. Meanwhile, integrated barcode scanners make it easier for employees to move lines along with a minimum of errors. As long as you provide the training required for employees to feel comfortable with the system, these elements should work together to cut long lines and improve sales.

Provide a better product selection.

Market research and sales trends only offer a general overview of the types of products selling well in your industry. To get an idea of what your specific customer base really wants, use the reporting and analytics features of your POS system. Track customer preferences over time to get the information necessary for strategic decisions regarding what to keep, what to drop, and how much backstock to have on hand.

Offer personalized service.

The customer relationship management tools included in your point of sale system enable you to create a seamless cross-platform experience for every individual shopper. Whether browsing your website, interacting with content on mobile devices, or shopping at your physical store, the quality of service and available deals should be the same.

Tailor your offers to groups and individuals based on how often they shop, what they buy, and how they responded to past marketing campaigns. This same data can be used to improve loyalty program participation by providing customized rewards.

Conduct smarter marketing campaigns.

Providing tailored product and service suggestions is a key element of personalized service. Analyze sales patterns and shopping habits to deliver relevant recommendations across channels. For in-store purchases, employees can use customer details to bring awareness to complementary items or beneficial service options.

Make continual improvements.

Eighty percent of companies think they’re offering “super experiences" to customers, but only 8% of customers agree. How can you make sure the service you provide lines up with customers’ expectations? Go to the source! Use your POS system to gather feedback by sending emailable receipts that link customers to review/ratings forms. 

Customer-facing kiosks at checkout provide an opportunity for immediate feedback. Follow-up emails asking for reviews are also effective ways to gauge how customers feel about your business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes as you evaluate the good and the bad. Use what you learn to make strategic changes to the way you approach customer service, personalization, and marketing.

Your POS system already has the tools you need to make the most of every customer relationship. Start leveraging the features available at your fingertips, and use the power of positive experiences to grow your business!