How to Choose The Right Mobile Credit Card Processing Company

By Brooke Tajer on
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 You did it! You've leased some building space, registered your new business and started bringing in inventory, but how will you process payments?

Picking the right mobile credit card processing company for your business can be difficult, especially with all of the processors now available on the market. To help you narrow down your options and help you choose a trusted processor, a processor like PayAnywhere, Business News Daily has pulled together these questions you should ask before signing up with a processing company:

1. What hardware does your business need?

You will want to decided if you will be using a card reader with a smartphone, tablet or both.

2. Is the app easy to use?

You don't want to have to spend valuable time trying to learn how to use your payment app.

3. Does it integrate with existing systems?

A big advantage of using a mobile device to process credit cards is that it can save you time and money. You will want to see if the app can integrate with any of the other business solutions you are using - solutions like Salesforce, Quickbooks, etc.

4. How much does it really cost?

Make sure you get all the details on pricing and contracts. Do your research online, see what people are saying about fees and don't be afraid to call up the companies and ask questions.

5. What about security and compliance?

Security should be a priority for any business accepting credit cards. Be sure to see what types of encryption and security measures are offered by the mobile payment processors you are interested in.

For more information, read the full article at Business News Daily. To learn more about why PayAnywhere is the right solution for you, visit


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