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How to set up recurring invoices for landscapers and lawn care services.

By Joshua Griffin on
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Time spent creating invoices for every repeat lawn care and landscaping customer is time wasted and it’s even worse if you know it won’t guarantee on-time payments. Why bother putting yourself through the hassle when you could be using a recurring invoice system? With recurring online invoicing, you can step away from the computer, go back to working on your business and finally start getting paid regularly.

Start with a full-featured payment service provider.

Most popular payment processing providers either offer invoicing tools as part of their packages or have software designed to integrate with other invoicing platforms. Choosing a payment processor with a robust set of features will make every part of the invoicing and payment process easier. Just be sure to compare prices and processing fees to minimize the amount you’ll have to pay out with each sale.

Input customer and service information.

When you first set up your payment processing platform, you’ll have to put in all of your service descriptions, prices, and customer data. It can be just as boring as it sounds, but it does save time in the long run. Creating these databases lets you put together invoices with just a couple of clicks. Better still, you’ll only have to enter more information when you take on new clients or expand your service offerings.

Set recurring billing cycles.

Getting recurring invoices going is as easy as making a branded template and using all the information you just entered to create billing schedules for repeat customers. Categorize jobs by frequency and set up invoices for weekly, monthly, and annual cycles. Decide whether to charge a flat rate for customers who always request the same services or bill by combining services together on one invoice. Once you set due dates and schedule the invoices to send, you’ll be good to go!

Automate payment reminders.

To receive the full benefits offered by recurring invoice cycles, make sure you take advantage of automatic payment reminders. It’s up to you how many to send, but a good rule of thumb is to opt for three, with the first going out a few days before the due date and the last when the invoice is due. In the final email, include a reminder of what late fees customers will be charged, if any, should they fail to pay on time. You might be able to avoid this problem altogether if your payment processor or invoicing program allows you to set up automatic billing using customers’ preferred payment methods.

Recurring online invoicing is a whole lot easier for you, your employees and your customers. Nobody in the business gets saddled with the tedious task of invoice creation and easy payment options make for better service experiences. With happier customers and more on-time payments, your lawn care and landscaping business should be set for success throughout the season.