Now Serving: Tickets, Tabs, and a Kitchen Printer

By Shaun Burke on
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In a recent update to PayAnywhere, we introduced Tickets & Tabs. This new feature is designed to work well for any business that needs the functionality of streamlining the overall guest experience.

If your business needs to keep open orders, this solution is tailor made for you. With Tickets & Tabs, you are able to open a ticket to begin an order, run a card to open a tab, create unique customer or table identifiers to organize your workflow, send orders to kitchen printers, and allow customers to tip on printed receipts. This latest update means a streamlined and simplistic experience for both customers and staff.

Payanywhere Inventory screen  Payanywhere Create Ticket screen  Payanywhere Ticket Saved screen

Another unique element of Tickets & Tabs is being able to send orders directly to a Star SP742ML Kitchen Ethernet printer. This capability allows orders to be routed directly to the kitchen from the table, or anywhere inside your location. If printers are connected, the user can print tickets to all that are synced with PayAnywhere. This is yet another simplification that allows your employees to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

Sample receipt

PayAnywhere continues to optimize its app so we can make business as simple as possible for you. These incredible new features are sure to add convenience and functionality for your business, customers, and staff. If you have any questions about using the Tickets & Tabs, please be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. To begin using Tickets & Tabs, and all the latest features for PayAnywhere, be sure to update your app to version 5.8.1!