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Why go with a touchscreen POS system? (5 benefits for 2020.)

By Jereme Sanborn on
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Seventy-nine percent of consumers look for personalized service when deciding where to shop. What’s the best way to deliver what they want? A touchscreen point-of-sale system might be just the ticket. It has everything you need to grow your business through the power of personalization.

1. Integrated business management.

POS systems with touchscreen capabilities do far more than traditional credit card terminals or standard cash registers. In addition to allowing you to accept multiple payment types, these systems can:

  • Simplify your employee management.
  • Track your customers’ purchase histories.
  • Integrate loyalty programs and personalized discounts.
  • Provide analytics for greater insight into sales, marketing, and customer behavior.

This is critical information when you’re trying to create a more personalized experience for your customers.

2. Convenient in any location.

Switching to a touchscreen POS solution frees your employees (and your customers) from the static experience of a traditional checkout counter. Because many touchscreen systems use cloud-based software, you can process transactions from any device. All information about customers, sales, and inventory are conveniently stored in the same place to create a unified log of your important business data. In practice, this means employees can finalize sales anywhere in the store and make mobile sales at events in which your business participates.

3. Less frequent hardware upgrades.

You don’t need the added expense of buying new POS hardware every time the payments industry experiences a technological breakthrough. When you use a touchscreen solution for transactions, regular software updates are part of the package. This puts the latest version of every critical business tool at your fingertips as soon as possible.

Consistent updates also keep your POS system secure. Neither old hardware nor outdated legacy systems are equipped to handle today’s sophisticated cybersecurity threats, but modern POS providers are working to improve security and pass these improvements on to you in patches and updates.

More speed, less paper.

Collecting signatures electronically and sending receipts by email cuts down on transaction time, and equips your business to handle more sales throughout the day. Touchscreen systems allow customers to choose a preferred method of receiving receipts, which gives them control over the process and makes each transaction more personal. When they choose to email, you save money on receipt paper and are free to serve other customers more quickly.

Fewer errors.

With a touchscreen POS, you’re in control of what appears on the screen. You have the freedom to adapt your system to your business and simplify the checkout process to provide the best customer experience. A basic menu structure containing item and transaction information minimizes the possibility of errors in your books and keeps inventory tracking consistent.

Touchscreens are straightforward and intuitive to use, so employees shouldn’t have a problem adapting to a new system. The faster they can complete transactions, the happier your customers will be.

Personalized service starts with the right tools. A touchscreen POS takes transactions to the next level with detailed customer information, special offers, and faster checkout times. Start giving your customers a better experience with a streamlined POS solution!