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The top 6 features your POS should provide to help your business run smoothly

By Joshua Griffin on
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The type of POS system you choose for your business makes a big difference in how quickly you can process payments. If you’re looking for a way to reduce lines at checkout and improve the customer shopping experience, look for a POS that offers features including: 

Omnichannel sales functionality.

If you sell products online as well as in your store, your payment system needs to be able to seamlessly handle both scenarios. Using one POS for all orders unifies your online presence with your brick-and-mortar store. Link your POS with your CRM platform to compile a detailed history of customers’ purchases and preferences and to provide more personal service each time they shop. 

Enhanced flexibility.

Why make customers wait in line when modern POS solutions make it possible to check them out anywhere in the store? Arm employees with devices equipped to handle a sale the moment a customer makes a purchasing decision, or deploy a team to “bust” long lines on busy sale days. You’ll serve more customers and suffer fewer missed sales with this mobile point of sale strategy. 

Inventory tracking.

Integrations expand the functionality of modern POS systems to streamline inventory tracking and ordering. Robust platforms include real-time inventory updates and low stock alerts so that you can place an order from your supplier in time for new inventory to arrive. This cuts down on tedious physical inventory counts and minimizes the risk of popular items being absent from your shelves. 

Easy returns.

When a customer isn’t happy with a purchase, you have a chance to redeem the unpleasant transaction with a quick, easy return or exchange. Make sure your POS records purchases so that you can refund charges back to the original form of payment without the need for a printed receipt. When a return or exchange is made, your inventory tracking feature should update automatically to simplify ordering and bookkeeping. 

Contactless payments.    

Thanks to Apple, Google, and Samsung, paying with a wave or tap of a mobile device is no longer something relegated to science fiction. Your POS solution should have near-field communication (NFC) capabilities to accept contactless payments from young consumers who can’t be bothered to reach for their wallets. Plus, since contactless payments are so fast, you can get more customers through your checkout in less time. 

Maximum affordability.

While price doesn’t directly impact the customer experience, it’s an important consideration when choosing a POS system. You want a feature-rich solution at a reasonable price. Compare platforms offering the options you want and go with the provider whose services give the best value for the money. 

When you have a POS system with the right combination of features for your business, payments become a breeze. Customers have better checkout experiences, there’s less risk of human error in your bookkeeping and inventory is always in stock when you need it. Look for the most robust payment solution for smoother business performance.